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Dr. Alicia Olmoz

Alicia Olmoz is an Advanced Practice Nurse with dual board certifications in Family Health and Emergency Medicine. She graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1995, finished her Master of Science in Nursing degree in 2008, then returned to Mount Saint Mary College to complete a post-master certificate for Family Nurse Practitioner in 2013. She completed her Doctorate of Nursing Practice in 2020 at the Dominican College of Blauvelt in Orangeburg, New York. Her experience, knowledge, and dedication to excellence give Alicia a distinct ability to provide comprehensive consultations and recommendations to help each client reach their aesthetic goals. She continues her aesthetic training to remain current with the newest technology and techniques in the exciting field of aesthetics. Dr. Alicia Olmoz FNP-BC, ENP

Jennifer Miano

Jennifer graduated from Western Connecticut University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. She spent the next 15 years working in critical care. In 2015, Jennifer graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with a Master of Science in Nursing. She began working as a Family Nurse Practitioner managing several community and health clinics in Dutchess County, NY. She then went on to lead Pulse MD Urgent Care through the COVID pandemic.

Jennifer specializes in men’s hormone optimization. She states, “every aspect of your well-being is dictated by the delicate balance of hormones in your body”. Through natural aging, certain hormone levels fall below optimal ranges ultimately affecting a person’s mental, physical, and sexual health. By managing these naturally occurring hormone levels with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, she can help you reclaim your youth and turn back the hands of time.

Jennifer continues her education in holistic and aesthetic medicine to bring state-of-the-art treatments to you here in the Hudson Valley.

Dr. Alicia Olmoz the Family nurse practitioner